Gtech Multi Mk2

Exceptionally effective in cleaning dust mite and pet hair from mattress, bedding and upholstery.

Ultra portable, supports you on the go, making sure that hygiene can be brought along during travels.

Handy home tool, effortlessly clean hard to reach places or any quick clean-ups. 

Gtech AirRam

Gtech AirRam, wins the Queen’s Award for Innovation in Enterprise for Gtech in 2015, it is designed to glide from carpets to hard floors with no settings to change and no cords to hold you back.

40-minutes of of run-time and unique AirLoc technology can even clean embedded dust in floor gaps. 

Gtech Pro

Gtech’s first bagged cordless vacuum cleaner.

Designed for busy homes, the Gtech Pro combines the convenience of cordless cleaning with hygienic bags for easy disposal, preventing discomfort during maintenance of frequent filter wash. 

With 40 minutes of run-time, and full range of accessories, its versatile design means you can use the Pro as a floor vacuum or a hand-held cleaner, allow easy clean for stairs, upholstery and cars quickly and effectively.