Gtech MULTi & AirRam Combo Deal

RM2,899.00 RM2,599.00

Combo Deal Package 

You will receive a Gtech MULTi Mk2 & a Gtech AirRam Mk2

MULTi for everything above ground whereas AirRam for the ground.



Gtech MULTi & AirRam

This package consist of a Gtech MULTi Mk2 , Gtech AirRam Mk2, where it is the Ultimate Cleaning Solution for the house.

With Gtech MULTi Mk2 cleaning sofas, beds, curtains and everything above ground, Gtech AirRam for the floor, you get 1 hour of vacuuming time, it ensures the ergonomics of cleaning your daily house chores. Break Free, and go cordless today!


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